New Year's Resolution: healthier you, healthier pet.

With the new year come the new resolutions and eating healthier is always on the top of most people's lists. We love ourselves, and we love our pets, so why not extend the resolution and make it a team effort? Make your pet your accountability buddy!

Here at Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming we offer only high quality foods that we trust. We only bring in foods if we know where they get sourced, and if we know their quality control is high. 

Don't know how to start?
Here is a very interesting short video teaching you how to recognize and read the ingredients  in your pet's food:

Dr Judy Morgan D.V.M goes to the pet food isle

So we'll leave you with that for now, and don't hesitate to come in or call us if you want to know more about the foods we carry and how to transition your pet effectively without tummy troubles.