Its almost Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is only two weeks away! Our houses are already starting to feel like the holidays with decorations and cheer!

Although it is a wonderful time of the year, it can be very stressful for ourselves as well as our pets. 

Find below a few tips that are sure to make this holiday season a little bit easier for you!

  1. Schedule your grooming appointments ahead of time. That way you can plan around them and make sure to have a clean pup for when the guests come over.
  2. If your pet likes to run out the door, put them in another room when guests start to arrive. 
  3. Whether you're hosting or going somewhere, make sure to take your pup out for a long walk or exercise them before. That way they will be more likely to stay calm through the day.
  4.  Have a few chew toys ready to give your pup for when you sit down on the table. Antlers, Himalayan Chews, and bully sticks are a few of our faves here at Woof Gang.
  5. Stop by Woof Gang and get your dog friendly turkey dinner!
  6. Don't forget to get your pup some desert! A holiday themed cookie or perhaps some doggy ice cream?
  7. After the meal, take them on a leisurely walk. It'll benefit both of you!
  8. Make sure your pet's tags and chips are up to date.
  9. Lastly make sure you supervise your pet, specially when there are kids around, to ensure everyone's safety.