Its almost Halloween!

Halloween is less than a week away and we CANT WAIT to stuff our hooman faces with candy, while our pooches stuff their faces with pet friendly treats!
Stop by the store to pick up some treats for your pooch before they leave you some "tricks" around the house!

Although it is a very fun holiday for us, it is not so much for our beloved pets.  Read below for a few guidelines to keep your fur babies safe during the craziness that is Halloween

  1. Secure your dog behind a closed door or in a crate in a room away from the front door or the party if children are meeting at your house.
  2. Give him a stuffed toy or other long lasting chew.
  3. Play music or leave a TV or radio playing in the dog’s room to help mask the sounds of the activity at the front door.
  4. Close drapes so that the dog does not see people coming and going through the window.
  5. If you have a dog that barks at the sound of the doorbell, disconnect it or watch for trick-or-treaters so that they do not have to ring or knock.
  6. Puppies and dogs that like to chase can get overly excited by costumes with dangly bits or streaming material. Supervise very carefully if you have a dog that may try to play with your children’s costumes while they are wearing them. Teach kids to Be a Tree and stand still if the dog does start nipping at their costume since the more they move, the more exited the dog will get.
  7. Keep your dogs (and cats) indoors around Halloween time. Pets have been stolen, injured or poisoned as part of Halloween pranks or other rituals.
  8. Dog's don't like to be dressed up! It makes them anxious and uncomfortable and adds to the stress of an already stressful time. If your dog, licks his chops, yawns,  shows a half moon of white in his eye, turns away, doesn't co-operate, tries to escape, growls, puts his teeth on you or the costume, then you know that he doesn't want to wear the costume. Try a fancy collar or bandanna instead, or just leave the dog out of Halloween if he'd rather not participate.
  9. Probably the  most important tip is to KEEP YOUR PET AWAY FROM THE CANDY! Sugar and xylitol are poisonous to pets!